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The Polarii Empire is a powerful nation made up entirely from the Polarii race, they are an expansionist empire and have been at war with various neighbours for long periods of time.

They are particular enemies of the Krell, during the time when Ethan happens to arrive, the Polarii Empire's expansion has been ground to a slow halt by the Krell, only increasing their frustration.

Involvement within the story

The Polarii Empire serves as the current main antagonist of the story. They are currently amassing an army of 300.000 soldiers to march on the Krell Volcano, which will get there in approximately 6 months.




The Polarii Empire is an absolute Monarchy led by an Emperor.


Polarii Magic is Mindrune based, with a variety of elemental mages and a few more niche specialists existing.


Polarii are sworn to the Warrior God Denvar (Strength and Vitality) in childhood, and can not leave his religion due to deadly retribution.